No more intolerance, more equality

Hi, guys!

WARNING: Today’s post will be short, thick and objective!

People, understand once and for all: You don’t have to be gay or black to fight against Homophobia and Racism.

There is no such thing as white, black, brown, mulatto, pink, purple, yellow… Color does not matter, we are all the same!


Homophobia and racism is CRIME! Hello, people… Wake up! We are in 2017, wake up to life!

You have the right not to accept, no one will reproach you for it, but you have an obligation to RESPECT the people.

I said the post would be short, and that’s basically what I wanted and needed to talk about!

No more intolerance!

I’m not gay, and I fight against homophobia, Okay!


 Every form of love is beautiful!


Open your eyes, your heart, your mind. It’s just a tip… No more intolerance!


That’s it, everybody! See you on the next post!

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I think tha I’m a good girl!!! =)


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