People who like to be alone


When you are faced with the beginning of my posts, you must imagine me the happiest person in the world because of this huge hello. It seems like I’m overflowing with happiness, but it’s not true … It’s just a way to say hello. In the same way that you put “kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” or “hahahahahahahaha” or “hehehehehehehehehe” or “LOL” in whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, or whatever the network. In fact 90% of the time we are like this little face down here:


Anyway, life goes on …

I’m not very adept at facebook, I think the most stupid network in the world. But until sometimes interesting things come up. So today I decided to sign in and saw that a colleague shared an interesting link and I decided to read it. As I already say, the text represents me. It is exactly as I AM! If scientific research has been done for years and years, adding other years to reach this conclusion I do not know. I only know that when I read, I saw my life represented in that text. So, I’m going to put exactly the text here on the blog, and citing the reference at the bottom of the page, for anyone who wants to, come in and take a look and search more about it if you find it interesting.

Let’s go to the title and its content: I will make my comments throughout the text in italics to highlight.

“People who like to be alone are the most intelligent and loyal you can meet:

In fact, intelligence makes them able to live content even in solitude. I’m tired of listening to all that negative talk about people who like to spend time alone. That they are sick, strange or bad company. We carry a stigma just because we like to spend more time alone than with other people, and that’s not fair.”

It’s not fair, I’m tired of hearing from the people I need to get out, socializing more. That I have to spend all day outside the house, that the weekends were meant to be lived. And who says you stop living when you’re alone?

PS:. I’m never alone, there’s always someone in the house together, I don’t like 100% to “solitude”. But who are not doing the same things as me, did you understand that?

Anyway, let’s continue…

“There’s nothing wrong with liking being alone:

You’re wrong if you think there’s something wrong with people who like to be alone, and that’s not just my opinion, it’s a fact! First I want to make it clear that I am not attacking anyone, I am only defending a part of the population that has been intimidated for a long time. I would like you to know a little more about these people.”

Pleasure I! Whoever made the text is defending a portion of the population, and I am part of that portion.

“There are two types of people who like to be alone:

People who like to be alone are not always introverted, in fact some are very outgoing and have a great ability to make friends, socialize and receive attention. Yes! They also have friends! People who like to be alone can make great friends, since they choose their friends carefully, they can also have a select group of friends they trust.

They usually love to learn more about themselves and about life, enjoy interesting conversations, and do not have much patience for conversations, and that does not mean they are selfish. There are also those who are more introverted, who generally do not like crowds, feel safer when alone, and prefer an animal as company. This does not mean that they do not give a shit about others, only that they have a unique way of interacting with the world. They are intelligent people and socialize through social networks or groups on the internet, going to an event or the show is simply devastating to their peace of mind, so they prefer to be alone. “

This weekend I heard: – If you like to be alone watching Netflix at home I do not like it! Dude, FUCK, I like it. I leave the house, I am no bush animal unable to talk and meet people. But for me, the “program” has to be very interesting. I’m sick of leaving and staying in that impasse: – And now, where are we going? I do not know, you see… Or standing in some place waiting for the good will of others to make some decision. Then the idiot here gives some idea, but there is always one: -Ah, I even accompany you, but I did not like the place. Or I do not like it very much. So I shut up and just wait. If it’s to stay like this, please leave me at home!

I also have real dread of crowded places, crowds, people leaning on me, pushing me all the time. I’ve had my teenage years where I had a few shows, but I already did, it happened.

I love to be with my cats and my dog. I consider this a therapy! The attention and affection received from them is so fantastic that I can not describe it. I talk to my animals,  I mess with them. They are great companies and leave me alone, doing what I want, without criticizing me. Look what a magician! I like to socialize through twitter that, despite being a social network like any other, is full of idiots. But so what? Idiots are happy like this. I like twitter to interact with unknown people, they come up with absurd tricks and very interesting debates, plus you have more access to follow the career of your favorite actor / actress and interact with the same.

Twitter, I love you!

“That it is not healthy to spend so much time alone:

They think that people who spend a lot of time alone have depression or anxiety.I understand them because I already experienced a panic attack when I went to an amusement park when I was younger. The introverts feel overwhelmed when they are exposed to many stimuli at the same time.There is nothing wrong with spending time alone, these people usually have a lot of self knowledge and know well what they like.”

Actually, maybe because they think I’m crazy For being that way, that really took me to depression. Yes, I’m doing psychological treatment and I’m not ashamed to say that. I never thought I’d go through all this and add more to my mother’s loss 7 months ago. I think it pisses anyone who was not well. But look at the guidance of the psychologist: You need to go out and socialize, but if you can not do this, socialize, write, do things that will do you good. Could you understand that part? The specialist is talking, okay ?! If you do not want to understand, that’s okay with me, but respect me.

“I hope this helps both you and me, to be honest, there are many other reasons why someone chooses to spend more time alone. Even as a result of not having so many friends, but liking being alone is not the same as feeling alone.I, for example, spent a whole year as a single mother because of the custody of my children.I missed my When I was alone I found myself This was invaluable to me as I discovered that I did not need anyone to tell me who I am or how I should interact with I spent some time with myself and found a solid foundation on which I built my life and embraced who I truly am.”

This is my focus, my goal, I need to find myself. Overcoming my fears, facing my nightmares, overcoming an irreparable loss in my life. I need this to learn. It does not mean that I will choose to be alone for the rest of my life, far from it. Like I said up there, did not I? I do not remember, but I repeat if that is the case. I like to be with nice, interesting people and have a nice chat. I like meeting people, making friends, but I like to be alone too. Between an Indian program and a series marathon on Netflix, I choose Netflix.

“People who like to be alone are some of the most intellectual and loyal people you can find:

These people know each other very well and know what they are Capable, build life on top of knowledge and solitude, are not intimidated when it comes to knowledge, only have a different way of being, it is better to respect the differences, because that is where true intelligence and loyalty dwells.”

Finalizing, Let’s respect the differences, okay ?! Then you become a smart person, instead of just judging others.

Click here to access the original website where I got this text in Portuguese Br. Source: HigherPerspective in English.

Bye, bye!



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